Cenote Sagrado

As its name suggests, Cenote Sagrado, also known locally as Chen Ku is a cenote found in close proximity to the Chichen Itza archaeological site.

Here, the Mayans paid tribute to Chac – the rain god who nourished the fields and sustained life – with ritual offerings and sacrificial victims.

Although they believed the cenote took its victims directly to the underworld, the bones of over 50 warriors found buried in its bottom suggest otherwise.

Historically many important dives were made in this cenote to study Mayan history.

Even the famed Jacques Cousteau took a dive here.

Cenote Sagrado Visitor Information

Today, no dives are possible without a special permit from the authorities, and swimming in the cenote is also prohibited.

Nonetheless, diving here would be less interesting because the water has low visibility.

The cenote can be visited together with the ruins of Chichen Itza.

Cenote Sagrado Map

Cenote Sagrado Photos

Cenote Sagrado
Cenote Sagrado by Graeme Churchard
Cenote Sagrado ruins
Cenote Sagrado ruins by Tom Söderlund
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